Playing Live Casino
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Playing Live Casino

Playing Live Casino
You are still waiting for the jackpot in the lottery? And you are unable or not want to go to a casino? That is no problem furthermore. Play your favorite games on Jackpot casino. Playing live casino is unique. Anywhere in the world there is a dealer in an offline casino who is dealing the cards. At the same moment you are playing your game on your PC.


It is a combination of the sense of live playing and relaxing at home. This type of online gaming is most like playing in a real casino with live dealars. How does it work? A webcam is registering everything what the dealer does. All actions of the dealer are recorded live. You see your cards when the dealer is dealing the cards. So it is really like you are playing in a real casino.

You are able to play live casino for money but it is also possible to play for fun. There are many games to play. The most played game online in live casino is Black Jack. The goal is to have 21 points with the least possible cards. You get two cards from the dealer. If you have directly 21 points you have to say Black Jack and you win the game.

Otherwise you have to get another card until you have 21 points. If you have more than twenty-one points, you are game over. Another popular game in a live casino is Roulette. You make your bet and then the dealer will throw the ball in the roulette. You are witnessing live the roulette so that you can see immediately what the outcome is.

The last game you can play is Baccarat. It is not the most famous casino game but definitely the most exciting. With Baccarat there is not really a dealer. Baccarat works with a banker. There is always one player who is the banker.

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